Theophilus Medeiros

He is a thought leader in Recommender Systems, Revenue & Pricing Optimization, Demand Prediction. Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualizations.

Theophilus Medeiros is artificial intelligence and advanced analytics thought leader helping fortune 500 organizations across various industries extracting wisdom from data in making informed strategic business decisions. He is the founder of the Information and Data Analytics Foundation (iDAF). He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Stony Book University, New York, a graduate certificate in leadership and strategic management from Harvard University, a graduate degree in Business Analytics from the NYU Stern School of Business.

He is a motivational speaker and also an effective mentor in technology, leadership, and strategy. He is passionate about helping and working with youth discover their potentials. He is happily married with four children and lives in Texas with his family.

When he is not busy designing models, he enjoys watching movies and having lots of fun with his children.

Prince Ogwuru

Prince Ogwuru is a Business Analyst & IT Solutions Architect. Healthcare Blockchain Technology Enthusiast and Thought Leader.

Prince has helped in bridging people, technology and business processes together in over 15 years of intrapreneurial experience, leading Technology Delivery and Managed Services in Africa and North America Networks, improving operations, enhancing network performance, identifying new technologies and delivering green initiative programs. He is also the co-founder of the Information and Data Analytics Foundation (iDAF).

He has consulted in business and technology professional endeavours in mobile/web product management and development, project management, and translating business strategy and analysis into consumer facing and enterprise digital products.

Prince Ogwuru is currently invested in the most innovative Blockchain projects in Healthcare: MedRec, Mediledger, ConnectingCare and Robomed Network which are already deployed in Clinical Trials for patients centricity, patients data and pharmaceutical history storage/supply chain monitoring. These new possibilities for creation of a comprehensive clinical outcome system connecting patients and providers are now possible.

He is the Managing Partner, Sourcedge Group LLC, and recently founded BitCMed, a platform to leverage healthcare blockchain and smart-contract technologies in a prevailing healthcare ecosystem. Prince has a first degree in B. Eng, Communications Engineering, and MS, Clinical Trials Management and Organisation (in view). He has attended various trainings in Switzerland, Ireland, South Africa, England, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and North America. He loves community-based programmes and pioneered a charity, Happen-Africa targeted at empowering impoverished pupils.